what and why


House of Ubiquity is an attempt to collect accounts of mystical, unusual, or synchronistic experiences related to or involving Philip K. Dick and his work. If this sounds like a very esoteric enterprise, that’s because it is; however, these experiences aren’t as uncommon as you might think, as this project will hopefully prove. Amongst fans of the man and his work, I’ve noticed a conspicuous overlap of the character with the reader.* From strange coincidence to outright revelation, a plethora of strange and inexplicable events seem to crop up in the lives of Dick’s fans. Sometimes they are shouted loudly, other times merely intimated, hinted at darkly but with obvious gravity.

In the midst of those fans, I’ve noted  a preponderance of a certain philosophical grounding: that what is true and what is meaningful are not always the same thing. Skeptics will likely get caught up in debates over legitimacy; there’s no preventing this. But I’d like to encourage those with an interest to approach this corpus as anthropologists, with an openness to ideas that does not require subscription to them.

I hope to accomplish a few things with this project. The first is to establish Phildickian mystical experiences as a “genre” of their own. The preponderance of these experiences warrants notice and interpretation no matter your outlook on their causes.

The second is to collect a vast enough volume that common patterns, themes, and connections might be traced. Again, whatever the interest in interpretation, whether personal or from a more distant vantage, such as social psychology, such common elements are a major component in any understanding of this phenomenon.

The third is simply to provide a place for this strange and spectacular story to be told. For those who have been blessed, cursed, torn asunder or lifted from the dark by seemingly supernatural events, it can be a cold and lonely path toward understanding and incorporating these experiences into one’s sense of self and reality.

If you or someone you know would like to share an account, please see the submission page for details on anonymity and clarity.

*  I am not by any stretch the first to notice this; Phil himself commented on it in his Exegesis, and scholars like Erik Davis have been tackling this for years. Moreover, it’s quite common knowledge amidst fans.