House of Ubiquity is a moderated open-submission project. The role of the administrators is simply to get all the stories safely into one place, to protect the anonymity of those involved (if so desired), and, to a lesser extent, to guide the clarity of accounts and allow for their easy access.

If you have an experience to share, we would love to read it! You may send a regular old e-mail, with heading “PKD EXPERIENCE,” to

If you prefer to submit anonymously, here’s what you should do:

  1. Log in to this e-mail account:
  2. The password is the name of the society formed in Valis, whose motto is “fish cannot carry guns.” Do not include the word Society, just the word that precedes it.
  3. Send an e-mail with “PKD EXPERIENCE” as the subject to
  4. Delete your item from the sent mail.

This allows you to maintain anonymity while also protecting your submission from other anonymous users.

In addition, work may be submitted from a public identity but published anonymously, if you don’t mind the admins knowing who you are. Please stipulate this in your initial correspondence.

Unfortunately, we’re not in a position financially to involve less circuitous routes at this time, like a form. If anyone wants to get involved with hosting, creating an anonymous submission system, etc. please contact us at


Please consider your account in terms of these guidelines. While we do not want to influence or alter the content of the accounts, we would like to provide some guidance so that the narratives are clear and make sense.

How/ why does this relate to PKD? While you needn’t defend your experiences, you should try to be clear about how they relate if it isn’t 100% obvious. If there’s a connection to one of Dick’s themes, but not to a specific work (see below), try to shed some light on that.

What specific work or works does your experience relate to? If you had a dream that mirrored a scene in Ubik, try to mention that, and maybe to include a page number or chapter if you can. Even some big PKD fans haven’t gotten around to everything yet (I haven’t read Three Stigmata!), so this helps maintain connections to the texts, which in turn can make the impact of your account much greater.

What is your belief about the significance of these events? Maybe you consider yourself Gnostic now, or Buddhist, or Episcopalian. Maybe you just saw something meaningful about the world without any fundamental shift in your understanding of it. Maybe you’re confused as hell. If you have conclusions, or just reflections, please include them. This helps to convey the human impact.

PLEASE do not include real names, addresses, or other information, unless it is your own. Also, keep in mind that not everyone may respond well to strange events; be cautious and thoughtful with what you reveal.

Questions can also be sent with or before submission using the above methods.


Creative Commons License
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Authors retain all copyright on contributed works. Authors may choose to license their copyrighted work at their own discretion under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported license. All submitted work will be considered to fall under this license unless otherwise stated.

If you wish to submit work anonymously AND retain copyright, we suggest submitting and copyrighting under a pseudonym. Anonymous submissions will be considered under the general domain of House of Ubiquity.

Public Domain work (images and text) shared on House of Ubiquity must be shared under a Creative Commons Public Domain declaration (CC0 1.0 Universal)