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In the spirit of the dynamic and shifting nature of these experiences, our first author, “Manfred Steiner III,” has asked to be allowed to publish some “disconnected notes and follow-up thoughts.” Please be aware that this piece was composed after Steiner had finished reading Mr. E’s entry; references to the previous author refer to him and not MDK. He also wishes to express that, since composing this, his conclusions have changed significantly, though not in a way he is ready to write about at this time. We are happy to have some insight into this process, and hope other authors will consider doing the same thing in the future. This project is about discovery; current research is always welcome.

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Like the individual in the previous entry, when I began reading the Exegesis, I found pieces that almost directly mirrored conclusions and ideas of my own. Some of the ideas I was familiar with, having read Dick’s work as well as the previously-available material from the Exegesis, but others would have been unknowable, except to the editors. This includes ideas about space and time, specifically about time as not just non-linear but much more nuanced and self-influencing. It included ideas about the universe as a subset of some other reality, or at least as the major object in a game or system which extended beyond its mere form. It included ideas about human suffering and cruelty, about the android nature of the universe, which is not evil but simply uncaring, about the Logos, the living language that breached realities, about knowledge as a real force itself, about identity as an iterative, overlapping thing, about synchronicity as the modus operandi of the living mind of the world.

I’ve come to an understanding that is hedged in some of Dick’s conclusions, but which he never fully settles on and which I’ve never heard anyone else express. Somewhere in Cosmogony and Cosmology, he briefly alights on an idea that the universe is a learning machine, wherein God might accumulate knowledge or experience. He also suggests that the universe is the literal womb of God, and that we are giving birth to God – an idea that I find beautiful if not correct. I essentially believe a version of the former to be true. The strong pushing-through of information I experienced, which both mirrored the action in Ubik and seemed to point to its central idea about reality, led me without much issue to Gnostic ideas; of course, I’d already been exposed a little from reading Valis. But therein I saw a cosmology and a religious aspect, and found that only the cosmology held weight for me. What I retained was the idea of the universe as somehow partial. I retained the idea of emanation, to some degree, and of being “selected” to have some measure of this hidden knowledge revealed to me.

I essentially believe that the universe is a false or at least limited part of total reality. I believe that a meta-entity – not (necessarily) god, but like god in many ways – which is comprised of a shifting set of permutations of individual aspects, has exploited this physical universe for its own purposes. The entity has realized that its near-perfect intellect has prevented the development of character, and, in the drive to better oneself which lies at the heart of human life, realized that only by limiting itself could it grow. So it drops its aspect – a small portion of the whole – into occluded human lives. Upon death, the experiences of each being are absorbed into the whole. Some of us have more of that substance, or more awareness of it (or perhaps only some of us are truly “real” at all); this makes for a richer life, but also means that the entirety of the truth cannot be hidden. More of this substance inherently means more awareness – that’s the nature of the entity.

This essentially means that reincarnation is correct, but only to an extent; I may be reincarnated in two different people, each sharing my essential nature with another. I often feel as though my wife and I are both reincarnations of Phil, with his own internal polarizations split evenly into two people. Is this sounding crazy enough yet?

I also struggled with the idea of Sophia for a while. I had an experience one night, well after these things had happened but while I was knee-deep in the Nag Hammadi documents. In the moment before falling asleep, I allowed myself to extend a feeling of need outward. Almost instantly, I was struck with the presence of a feminine force, one which seemed utterly familiar. She gave me a thought, pure and clear: she told me “All love is perfect. Even yours.”

I struggled with this for a while, but settled eventually on the understanding that meta-entity has certain access points, if you will, which are not physical but experiential and can be accessed by the driving force of desire. Sophia is a part of the entity, available to those who know how to contact her, in order to keep us stable in our limitation. She is, therefore, also part of us.

It’s come to my attention that quite a few of those who have had “these experiences” are writers. I feel strongly that there’s something in the personality profile of those of us who have been exposed to this knowledge which makes us prone to telling stories. It’s a thread I see running through Gnosticism as well, and which clearly includes PKD. In many ways, I think this is the way in which any insights or ideas found through these experiences can best be expressed and disseminated in their most meaningful form. Like one of the previous authors, I worry that too many of us shifting too much focus to this more explicit investigation of ideas is the wrong path; however, I think developing a touch-stone for sharing the difficulties and maintaining a sense that these are real and valid, not to mention shared, experiences can be valuable. I only wish to ask that anyone else out there not lose focus: Dick’s biggest influence, even with respect to the ideas he fleshed out more fully in his Exegesis, still comes from his fiction. Through this, often without being recognized, his central concerns have permeated our culture. This is something that could never have happened through philosophy and theology alone; it needs stories to thrive.

There’s a passage on page 22 of the Exegesis, starting toward the bottom, where Dick talks about feeling as though Bishop Pike was occupying his mind and life. The most succinct summary I could make of my own experiences would be that same paragraph, but with my name where Dick’s is and Dick’s name where Pike’s is. From there, I began a journey that extended beyond that initial moment, much as Dick did – a process of research and discovery, of insight and further synchronicity. It is still quite active.


Alienus Tempus: Part 2

MDK continues his account in part two.

-The Admins


Alienus Tempus – Part 2: PKD 101

The 6-23-02 Experience occurred on a Sunday. I say that now, because I didn’t mention that in the previous post. On 6-24-2002 (Monday evening) I began my initial investigation to learn something about Philip K Dick. Little did I know I was preparing myself for a quest that hasn’t ended to this day, nor I suspect will ever end. I chose the Red Pill.

I Googled “Philip K Dick”. One by one, I began browsing the sites that the search engine had conjured. I read a few essays, biographies, homages, etc. When I read a detailed biography of this enigmonomous person, curiosity soon fell to near obsession. My god! How many writers have experiences like this, much less science fiction writers? It was like his real life was an amalgam of his fiction. Which was which? Or was it that he was simply insane, like many seem to think? In which direction does causality flow? Did the mental illness (if there was any present) cause him to have these “experiences”, both internal and external, or did the “experiences” cause the mental anguish and supposed insanity? This is a question that I’m tackling in regards to my own experiences as well. I think the jury is still out on that one.

Perhaps the first thing that grabbed my attention was the years of his birth and death. 1928 and 1982. I suppose you know which is which. At least I hope so. I suppose this wouldn’t be impossible in a PKD Universe. Therefore, if you are not sure, that’s OK. Please stay with me. The last two digits being reciprocal of each other. Was this mere coincidence, or was this somehow significant? “Hey, look at me!” it seemed to be calling to me. If my thoughts are correct on this matter, I have about 25 more years to ponder this very question. I was born in 1973.

Through this initial search, I had learned of others having synchronous experiences and dreams involving Phil. I found a website, , the official fan website at that time (now the official Philip K Dick homepage), headed by a webmaster whom I was later to learn had his own synchronous experiences involving Phil.

The homepage was a blue background with a retouched color photo of Phil in his early 30’s. It was taken when he was married to Anne in Marin County, California. He was wearing sunglasses and the wind tussled his hair across his right temple. His face was slim but sported a thick goatee.

I was taken aback at how similar Phil’s facial features were to that of my biological father’s. I had a picture of him in a US Marine’s yearbook that looked very similar. I was distracted with something for a while and when I came back I was surprised that my screensaver had not activated. I had forgotten the last time it had failed to activate. So there I was, staring at Phil and/or vice versa and ACDC’s “Who Made Who” was blaring out the radio speakers. Who was looking at who, really?

After restarting the PC, I ventured back to the fansite. An essay here, an interview there, a book cover or two elsewhere. There was plenty to absorb. I found a spoof page that mentioned a sponsor named UBIK. By then, I had known UBIK was the title of one of his novels. The spoof advertisement showed a person spraying a can of UBIK onto items and they would then revert to their original state, decreasing the entropy of that system. A dark outline of a can of UBIK against a beige background situated at the center of the screen. The fansite is now defunct and the URL is associated with the Philip K Dick Estate.

As I was staring at the page I began to feel somewhat aloof, an uncanny feeling. Something like Déjà vu, but not exactly. Memories of the 6-8 weeks I had spent with my biological father in Tulare, California in the summer of 1986 began to flood my consciousness. There was such a sense of familiarity with UBIK that was instigated by viewing this page. It was a very surreal moment. Many more experiences such as this were to occur. Therefore, I would like to briefly say a bit about the Déjà vu phenomenon. I will not go into the theories, scientific or otherwise, but just the general classification of various types of déjà vu.

Déjà vu by itself is French for “already seen”. Although many say they’ve experienced déjà vu, it may be just as likely that they have experienced one of the other closely related déjà experience.

(EDIT: included in the original submission was a lengthy passage from the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute website. We have preserved the link, which readers may choose to investigate in depth, but have removed the text for space as well as legal considerations. -The Admins)

As you will come to see in a later installment of my experiences, I would like to posit an additional déjà experience. I’m going to skip this for now until it becomes more relevant.

Later on that night (early Tuesday morning) I found a story about the newly released filmMinority Report on the website. The article was mostly about Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg, but included a snippet about Phil. I finally went to sleep around six that morning.

I awoke around two or three Tuesday afternoon having remembered fragments of a dream. It involved a close friendship with Tom Cruise and the Voice of Agatha, one of the precogs in the film Minority Report. Her voice was soft, like a child’s whisper. It was very tranquil and pleasing. But I could not remember what she had said to me.

Obtaining a paper copy of the Time magazine was all I could think about. Maybe there was more to the story than what was presented on

Later that night I went to Walmart in search of TIME. The mini-quest was a failure as Walmart did not have TIME in stock. After exiting the store, I noticed two young women sitting on a bench to my right. They were wearing blue Walmart employee smocks and smoking.

One of the women said rather loudly to the other, “I know he’s a scientist”.

Then the larger woman said to the other in equal volume, “He thinks he’s a god, but he’s not”.

I turned my head to look at them and noticed they were staring at me, through me. I was probably about 100-120 feet away.

“WTF!”, was all I could think. What the hell is going on here? Is that normal conversation for two young women to have on their work break? It seemed as if they had read those statements from a cue card, ensuring that I had heard them.

Was it possible that they were merely students and were referring to a megalomaniacalprofessor? Having a degree in the sciences and hearing stories, I could imagine such a scenario. But the timing. Not to mention that I’ve had the passing thought that I was a consciousness scientist/philosopher from the future, or a parallel universe. Could this be the case? Is it even me, or is it someone or something else I should be concerned about? Or am I just a delusional megalomaniac? I can tell you with total honesty that at times I wish that I had never heard the name of Philip K Dick. I don’t think I’m a megalomaniac.

Earlier that day (Tuesday), my mother and siblings had come for a visit (which in itself was very rare). Without me knowing, she had bought McDonald’s for everyone. The situation was interesting but most likely coincidental. On the table lay a Green Goblin toy from one of the kid’s Happy Meal and next to it a soda carrier was turned upside down. When I examined the bottom of one of the individual cup holders, it nearly perfectly resembled the chamber in which the precogs resided in Minority Report.

That previous Sunday while watching Spiderman (before Minority Report), I felt a mental tug when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility”. I realize this part may be coincidental, even possibly magical thinking and like above megalomaniac in nature, but with everything that has happened, It still tugs at me.

While surfing the Net a few days later I was directed to a site showing an image of Phil and his twin sister Jane, memorial in Fort Morgan, CO. The site was a virtual memorial at for persons to pay their respects. It wasn’t until I read a comment by a guest that I was overcome with a sensation of already haven experienced this, “déjà éprouvé”. The guest’s name was Kemek, and had posted on 6-30-2002.

The post read: “It’s strange to feel sadness for someone you never you [sic], especially someone who died 20 years ago, but your books continue to be eerily close to my own life (scary, huh?). I hope you got some answers.”

Kemek’s avatar was a horse’s head. That seemed familiar, too.

That’s the end of this post. I’m having procrastination issues at the moment, but I’ll try to have the next installment submitted for posting with less in-between time. Lame, I know… but true, nevertheless. The title of the next post is “The Secret Ascension”. Hope you continue to follow and thank you for your time.

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