Alienus Tempus: Part 1

by houseofubiquity

This entry is the first installment in a series we will be publishing over the next few weeks or months by a writer known as MDK. The author is our first non-anonymous contributor. His blog, where he details many of these experiences, can be found here, and MDK himself can be contacted at

The author has also provided a title for the series. Without further ado, here is “Alienus Tempus Part 1: Moby Dick” by MDK.


I’d like to begin my account by briefly laying some sort of framework of my mental attitude before my “first” PKD phenomenal event. I should also warn you that this is the first of several installments. I would also like to thank the Admins for allowing me to share a part of my life. I am more grateful than you could ever know. I hope you get something from this account, especially when you get to the final installment. And if you get anything, it may be for you, and you alone. However, I am open to discussion on any topic. You will also notice that I may seem humorous at times. Please don’t interpret that as me not being serious about what could possibly be important things, or at least important to me. But, when the “uncanny” becomes your neighbor, you do what you can to keep the peace (and I do find it difficult at times).

  1.  I’ve had two “visions” as a teenager which I didn’t realize at the time (I did not know about PKD) but I believe now are integral if not central to my PKD related experiences.
  2.  I do suffer from Major Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (mostly mental with hardly any physical rituals as an adult), and the lesser known Depersonalization and Derealization Disorders.
  3. The only time I’ve tried recreational drugs was December of 2010, well after nearly all of any PKD phenomenon. It was marijuana… and I’ll never do it again. I’m already paranoid enough as it is.
  4. I may indeed be crazy, but what if… I’m not?
  5. I make no claim to have figured it out yet, nor do I suspect I ever will. But hey, we all have to have goals, right?
  6. Why am I not remaining anonymous? Because you need to know the truth and I need accountability. Not necessarily that you will come to the same conclusion that I have (although my conclusions are subject to change without notice), but that you know and can verify that certain events did occur. I believe this is the way it should be. At this point, I don’t care about my reputation. Besides, I already have a blog describing many of these events, with my name attached to said blog. Go ahead… Google it- “Impermanent Insanity”. I must warn you however, the writing was hurried and is deplorable. I am writing a memoir partly based on these experiences, and the writing I submit here will be sort of like a Beta. So, if you can, I would wait and read them here as they will be much easier to follow.
  7. In general, I am a skeptic.
  8. I’ve had many experiences since 6-23-2002, so this will be the first in a series. I’m not sure of the total at this point. But I do hope you continue to follow this path with me.
  9. I don’t always agree or come to the same conclusions that Phil may have.
  10. These experiences have both enlightened and burdened my life, both socially and mentally.

The first time I had heard of Philip K Dick (memory wipes notwithstanding) was June 23, 2002. Not long before that I had been having slight intuitions about certain things, which are too lengthy and not as directly related to PKD, so I won’t discuss them here. However, I need to tell you about two movies that I had seen not long before 6-23-2002. These two movies led me to watch “Minority Report” on that day.

After watching AI (directed by Steven Spielberg), I was left yearning for my “blue fairy”. The movie resonated every part of my being. Then I watched Vanilla Sky (you’ll have to watch it to follow me here), starring Tom Cruise. Vanilla Sky left me in awe, as it has similarities with how one may feel when suffering from Depersonalization Disorder. I’ve had DPD chronically since it’s onset on 12-14-1990 at the age of 17. Imagine feeling you’re in a dream that you can’t wake up from. That’s DPD. It’s effects have lessened over the years, and I have gone on to get a degree and do productive things. This movie which I was watching on VHS in early 2002 had been released to theaters on 12-14-2001, which sparked my interest because of the month and day of release. Also of note is that Spielberg appeared as a character for a brief moment in the film. So far, no big deal. But when I found out about “Minority Report” and that it starred Tom Cruise and was directed by Steven Spielberg, I decided I should probably go see the movie.

The night before, 6-22, my SO and I had left our four year old daughter at my mother’s house in Dexter, MO. We lived in Cape Girardeau, about 50 miles north. On 6-23, the SO and I went to the movies to watch Spiderman and Minority Report. Actually, she left because she wasn’t a Tom Cruise fan.

After Minority Report, which I had learned through the credits was based on a short story by Philip K Dick, we drove south to pick up our daughter. Before we picked her up, I took the SO to visit her mother in Clarkton (15 miles from Dexter) and I went to ride around Gideon (three miles from Clarkton) where I had grown up. I hardly ever go to that ghost of a town, even rarer do I speak to anyone.

There was a young man, close to my age, whom I would often see walking around the school. I usually would never stop and talk to him, but for some reason I decided to talk to him that day. I can’t remember if he waved me down, or initiated the chat. The conversation that Philip and I had, is completely lost to me now. Still, no big deal. No synchronicity.

Shortly after that chat, I picked up my SO from her mother’s house and drove to Dexter to pick up our daughter and go home to Cape. My mother had our daughter with my adopted sisters and brothers (all biological cousins to me and siblings to each other). The girls were C and W, and the boys were JI and JW. They were all hanging outside near the yard swing with a couple of guy friends. When I walk up to them my teenage sister W says, “Hey Bub, have you met our friend? His name is Moby Dix. But we call him Moby Dick… you know, like the book?” ((Yes, this is his real name, or so they told me. I couldn’t alter it for this site, otherwise none of this would make sense.))

After a few minutes of smalltalk, my SO, daughter, and I left for home. A few seconds after leaving the parking spot at my mother’s house I began hearing a song in my mind’s ear. It was going on about “going to the Southside”. It was a couple of years since I had heard the song, but there it was, popping up like a magician’s rabbit. I asked SO if I she minded if I turned on the radio. She gave the affirmative and I turned it on. The preset I had it tuned to was playing the song I had been hearing in my mind’s ear. Wow! What a coincidence! Or was it? My curiosity was peaked. I asked SO if she knew the group who performed the song, and she told me she thought it was some bald guy who does a lot of Electronica, and that she thought his name was Moby.

To that time, I’ve had the rare synchronous event, but never to the degree that had just occurred. The next day and night I began researching Philip K Dick. Since my synchronous event involved names, the first thing I wanted to know was Phil’s middle name. I found out that it was Kindred. Philip Kindred Dick.

To Sum up:

  1. Watched Minority Report based on a short story by Philip Kindred Dick
  2. Talked to Philip later that day who happens to share first name with PKD
  3. Met “Moby Dick” (both first and last name significant)
  4. Precognitive or intuitive event – hearing song in mind’s ear and then it playing immediately after turning on radio (and it’s not just any song… it’s a song by Moby)
  5. Kindred – Is it any less obvious that I was supposed to put all this together? That it “relates”? The sum is indeed greater than the parts.

This was my introduction to Philip Kindred Dick. Was it real? Or was I seeing “canals on Mars” like Percival Lowell? My own subjective contours.

If that’s the case then the last ten years of my life have been a great misinterpretation and illusion/delusion.

This is the first installment of probably at least three if not six. The surreal and even more unbelievable are coming soon. I hope you continue to follow with me.