by houseofubiquity

House of Ubiquity is two weeks old, and we’re creeping up on 400 views already. The buzz has been fantastic, and obviously people are reading, so we’re very happy. Now all we need is material!

We have commitments for submissions from two individuals, which we are quite excited to read. But we need more than three tales to get this thing going. If you have a story to tell, please let us know! Even if you need some time to write it up and get it to us (who wouldn’t?), we’d love to know it’s in the works.

In our first account, the pseudonymous (we assume) Mr. Steiner mentioned scouring the internet for others who had been through similar ordeals and coming up empty-handed. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to the next would-be prophet who finds him- or herself struck by a pink beam or presented with a strange gift.

We would like to thank the esteemed David Gill, Dick scholar and community leader extraordinaire, for mentioning this endeavor (twice!) on the legendary Total Dick-Head blog. In addition, the wonderfully talented Mr. Hand, operator of the PKD and Religion blog, appears to have given us some steam on Twitter. Thanks, guys!

So keep reading – there’s bound to be plenty of weirdness to go around.